Technology users

Technology Users

Continental Database tracks more than 10,000 technologies and provide 95% accurate information of the companies using any particular technology.

The number of Application users is continuously growing, which is why the possibility of reaching the audience of this channel should not be ignored. Email marketing creates stronger user experiences that extend beyond the standard banner ad. We provide technology users across the globe.

1CRM Users List289,388IT Decision MakersGlobal
2ERP Users List188,437IT Decision MakersGlobal
3Cloud Application Users List98,450IT Decision MakersGlobal
4Security Software Users List350,681IT Decision MakersGlobal
5Mobile Device Users List12,482IT Decision MakersGlobal
6Accounting Software Users112,505IT/Finance Decision MakersGlobal
7Operating System Users500,000IT Decision MakersGlobal
8Voip Users351,466IT Decision MakersGlobal
9ISV / Resellers List488,352IT Decision MakersGlobal
10Virtualization Application Users152,382IT Decision MakersGlobal
11Storage Application Users211,382IT Decision MakersGlobal
12Networking Application Users168,768IT Decision MakersGlobal
13MS SharePoint Users132,382IT Decision MakersGlobal
14MS Dynamics Users152,988IT Decision MakersGlobal
15SalesForce Users67,676IT Decision MakersGlobal
16Banking Application Users42,944IT Decision MakersGlobal

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